Calumet County, Wisconsin professionals are experts in all types of liquidations including "Clean out Sales."

A clean out sale typically occurs after the consultation determines that there is not enough value for a traditional Estate Sale but there is enough merchandise to do a Clean Out Sale.  A Clean Out Sale generally contains items of a lower value.

Clean out sales are often held for clients who do not live in the Calumet County area or for those who have inherited homes from loved ones and are planning to sell the property. We try to generate enough money to clean out your home with little or no out of pocket expense to the homeowner and can pair a clean out sale with our home staging services.

For our Clean Out Sales in Calumet County, we sell first, donate second and clean out the home and leave it "Broom Swept."

There can be comfort in knowing that yours or your loved ones possessions will find a new home either from a sale or a charitable donation in Calumet County, Wisconsin.

Contact a professional today and let us help you with your clean out sale needs.

If you think you have enough items and enough value to have a traditional Estate Sale, please click HERE.

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